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Reviews for "Oh My Goodness"

It went from a naked woman, then to weed, and the last one was... a toaster... toaster. How you gonna follow up weed with a toaster?

the one with the nuke
that would be my reaction

hilarious i think that what my kitty thinks every time i get him one of those but lol coul have beed longer and great art work and voice acting

haha! At first I was just a fan of the poses/animation. Then I hit replay and thought "woah, where the fuck did the ball of yarn go?" - awesome gag, very nicely executed!

I cannot even believe you brought me one of those
HOHO...my gosh...
You are the man now
and I am the man
and we are the men.

The naked woman's expressions were priceless... just keep clicking replay newgrounders!