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Reviews for "Mr. Hop Pop"

242 hops

122 hops. i can do better... stupid level 22...

In level 22 the blades stay still for some odd reason making it impossible to make it through. The only reason I know they are supposed to move is because I played the level so much that it somehow unglitched itself. Ok just so everyone knows you have to click the mouse to make the blades start moving. I was using "X" to start everything and space to jump which won't cut it. Also on level 23 I came down here to write down what I saw and Mr. Hop Pop Disappeared for some reason. So I replayed the game to realize I only had 3 levels left. But I finished with 141 jumps! :D But the game is pretty simple and it has a nice style. If this game was even harder I think it would really frustrate people since you have to restart from the beginning every single time. But you had a nice balance so it doesn't get annoying. However it would be nice to have a little bit more challenge. Nice work though. I enjoyed it

3.5/5 stars

191... Hops i dont think if i can do it better :/

Not bad, interesting game dynamic. However, the keyboard controls do not activate objects that are activated when the mouse is clicked. So in the level with the blocks surrounded by saws (which I think may be the level 18 Toni is referring to below) a player using only a keyboard can not win. A player using a mouse can win. And a player using both can win very easily. You should make it so that clicking with the mouse or pressing x on the keyboard activate these things, as not all players will want to use both.