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Reviews for "little boat"

this is one of the few times i actually think you dicerve a 5 and more

This was amazing. I'll give this one a five for sure. The story it tells without words is just spectacular, and I gotta say, that's one tough boat.

i really love it, well i'm not the guy who will give description about what the author want to tell in his story but i really like the way karma move in this movie :) and nice animation too.
Good job men

I absolutely love animations like this. It leaves an open world of interpretation and can mean anything that you need it to mean. To me, it was a story of a being who lived a life where it seemed everything abandoned it, tore it down, and brought it to near death. Just as the being was on it's final breaking point, all that had caused it so much grief began to give it the attention it deserved. Coming so close to death, it was saved by the love and support of others. To me, this relates so closely to an idea that I personally live by : One Friend Can Save A Life. Any person can be that little boat, and it is your choice as to whether or not you help them float, or bring them to sink.

i can't describe how good it was...