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Reviews for "little boat"

Here, have five more stars.
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words cant describe how beautiful it was

At first, I was afraid that there was something wrong with my computer. There was no sound coming from it, but the other cartoons on this website seemed to work. I now realize that you were truly trying to create subtlety with your animation. It seems like the entire thing was a big metaphor for something. I don't even know what but it certainly worked out into something beautiful. It makes you realize how wonderful animation can be.

This is truly a website where people can show off their talent. I think my favorite part was probably when all the fish started appearing. Dang, they were drawn well! I also love at the end where the boat just simply falls off the screen. Again, I don't know what that means, but it's really cool to watch. You have true talent.

This was incredibly beautiful. Bravo.

Really excellently animated and captivating from start to finish, basically! Good job.