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Reviews for "little boat"

This is definitely a great piece of work and I love the storytelling of an object going through different scenes and the fighting part was great.

How insparational this is beautyful

How did I miss this beautiful short the last year sounds like a mystery to me. The absence of soundtrack, rather, the various sounds making the soundtrack at each scene is almost magical. The same feelings I expect to have when watching a Pixar short, where the dialogue-less narrative coexists symbiotically with an immersive atmosphere and gorgeous visuals. This, while simple and experimental in its nature, it's a video you just can't dislike as it touches themes that are distinctly human, and they feel "alive" because we probably know what it means deep down ourselves. Conflict, among all the themes, and how a simple object can become a symbol for unity and brotherhood in the long run. Symbolism aside, this short is what it is: a landmark in NG history.

loved it :D i really like stories told like this, its so simple yet greatly executed, well done!

Beautifully simple with a surprising ending. I've got a new favorite animation!