Reviews for "Snowdrift"

Excellent. Really felt the surviving part as the days grew to less then 4 hrs (daylight) funny though, After I met the visitor last time I made my way to the ending and Bam 6 rabbits.. I laughed a little since I had practically starved to death on day13. Lastly Something to think about if you do continue this genre I would very much follow the story of Sam. His struggle as an older man really makes me feel for him since he is alone. I wanted to tell him he wasn't alone at all that I was there. So I really loved the story. Great submission 5/5

Placeable responds:

You got the good ending? Seems like you did. Good job.

Yeah I was thinking of picking up Sam's story (From the good endings point of view) once I start the sequel. The genre would be the same but in another setting of course. Thank you for the review!

Nope, this is from Suikoden ^^

This is an amazing game. I actually caught myself whimpering in fear and was too scared to go to bed at night... words cannot describe how amazing this is.

I Loved this game, instant +Fav. I'd love to see a sequel. The only thing that bothered me though, was the random scary images that appeared when the guy was sleeping. It was a very cheap way to scare the gamer, you could have used other elements of the game to make it scarier, or at least made the images had a reason, like, "i did this, so the image poped out". You could also made the images pixelated, so they could fit in the atmosphere of the game, because they feel out of place and without reason.

Overall, excellent game, loved it 5/5. =) Thank you for doing it.

Geez man, your thought process is so unique, how in the world did you make something this amazing, with old 2d graphics? If this was a 3d game for the ps3 i'm sure I would have had a heart attack! The ending was perfect! I felt everthing Sam was feeling! Shoot for the stars, because you will make it big! Congrats once again!!!