Reviews for "Snowdrift"

well unlike pirate i wouldn't want to be running around without knowing what the heck is going on in
a game.

Great game!

How do I refill my lantern's oil?

This was an absolutely fantastic game, the thrill of surviving kept me going. The random popups/events made the game have tremendous replay value. I loved it so much that i went ahead and got all three endings, the only down side to it is the bugs many have mentioned. The most frustrating was knock on door time stop, though it only seem to happen past day 10.


For those who are dieing a lot/of thirst/hunger, there are four total bushes, where you can harvest up to twice a day. Throughout there should be bunny for you to kill so you can never run out of food.
Make a circular trip so that you are stock up on water.

When you are sleeping, you can wake your self up at 5:00, go to the next screen and wait for sun light, there are usually one or two bunnies there so you never go hungry.(using this trick, you can survive indefinitely)

As far as the endings go, if you answer them all, you get good, if you dont answer once, then answer last one, you get neutral. Dont answer them all and die, you get bad ending. Hopefully people will find this to be helpful and be encouraged enough to finish the game!

Make a sequel. Yes?

I love this.. Please don't make multiplayer. please don't.
This game is amazing enough as it is, and the atmosphere is a big part of this games flavor. solitude sends chills of dopameine down my spine. and haveing a bunch of huligans running around, shouting, drawing penises on everything... like all things in life, swarms people will ruin will ruin your art given the chance.

Placeable responds:

Heh yeah I hear you :)

However the current prototype for the multiplayer works really well and communication is extremely limited in a very unique way. The feeling will still be there, believe me :)

And the multiplayer is not a Snowdrift sequel but its own Survival Horror game. Snowdrift 2 will be single player.