Reviews for "Snowdrift"

You can survive the game without using your items if you follow these simple tips:

1: Draw a map (It helps). You will find 3 bushes and 1 drinking pond.
2: Always start your day by getting 2 logs for the next night.
3: Feel free to take short naps during the day and drinks from the pond at night (you will not need your lantern).
4: Do not waist your rabbit meat. Cook it and save it for when you are hungry.

i liked the final fantasy touch with the text and the inventory and so. it is a creepy and mystery game. but now i am stuck after i loaded the game after dieing...meh, i start a new game.

Nice game man, that girl in the forest scared me, i was like WTF! i expected an exorcist scene, but i died of hunger :( anyways, great game man. 5/5

This was good... I thought this was impossible but this is my result:

Ending number: 1 (Good ending)
Days: 8

I will give 5/5 'cause I survived.

Awsome game this game is realy good game and i just love this game and let me know how long you have survived!!!