Reviews for "Snowdrift"

couldn't even get past the opening scene in "sam's" house - too much poetic jargon for my liking. not enough playing.
less talking at a game intro would rock, love headspin/thriller games usually, but just found myself pressing Z over and over to get past all the the chit-chat. maybe later in the game AFTER you've caught my attention? or not at all even.

zero stars (didn't even bother continuing after first scene) for talking to much!

Placeable responds:

But if I cut an intro cinematic you would complain about not knowing what to do or what the purpose of the game was. Right?

Too bad you found it slow at the beginning but trying to build up a story and feeling for a thriller/psychological horror you could at least give 3 minutes of your life? You say you love these sort of things which is odd since most of them (movies and games) are slow at the start to build up a story.

Give it another go and play the game for what it is, you did waste enough time to get through the tutorial and intro cinematic only to quit playing? Try it again, if you like this sort of thing I am sure the game will interest you.

couldnt get past the first screen when choosing New game or Continue. all i could do was move the pointer up and down with the arrow keys

Placeable responds:

Once you highlight your selection you press the Z key on your keyboard (QWERTY keyboard I hope!) to initiate the action like "New Game" or "Continue".

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I left instructions in the description.

Meh, don't really like it .. time goes way too fast, so do the bars..
too many sidepaths, i got lost on the first playthrough and ran out of stamina, then my screen went black but the game kept running, eventually i just turned the lantern off and it went game over.
Quite boring, i couldn't even find my way back cause of all the dead ends.
This game is too confusing.

The intro is too much text. I couldn't even start the game because I got annoyed at clicking through all the stupid text.

This game is so fucking scary!!!