Reviews for "Snowdrift"

Nicely done, you used rpgmaker didn't you? I'm giving you 5 stars not for the game itself but for the hard work it implied (as a rpgmaker user I know how hard can it be to make everything work)

Placeable responds:


I didn't use RPGMaker, I developed this game using FlashDevelop, the programming language is called ActionScript 3.0. I am not sure if its the same as in RPGMaker, never tried it.

But I do believe RPGMaker is more for .exe files, no?

Despite the bugs. It's a really nice game. Original concept and it feels like playing Harvest Moon on SNES only with a horror theme (which made it even better.)
So yeah, fix them bugs and I'm pretty darn sure this gonna be great game.

Not sure if anyone's done this, but I made a map: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/

I only got the good ending, so I don't know if the screen in the upper left is significant for other endings.

In case anyone else didn't realize this, you can harvest berries twice from each bush each day. I played most of the game thinking you could only do it once.

Also, there's a glitch where you can walk off the edge of the screen. It's usually around where you're supposed to be able to enter another screen, but you can also do it at the left edge of the top-left screen.

I"m not a big horror fan but I love this game! I saw it show up a while back and here I am almost a year later playing it and loving every minute of it! My only problems with it were the map only went to the left and didn't stretch out to the top, bottom, or right. Not a huge problem. Thanks for making this game!

Iiiii guess its time for you to hate me again. lets begin now hand me the pin. how should i begin it and where does it all end?