Reviews for "Snowdrift"

I like how Nattramn pops up when you lose.

I have always been a fan of games like this. We need more psychological horrors.

Good graphics, good ideas, interesting story, but overall you quickly understand everything and just wait for new things that won't come.

Gameplay wise, i looked for interaction with the river, the trees, the sprites, anything, but nothing comes up. I pretty much stocked food and wood and waited. By the way, isn't eating snow a good way of getting water? ^^

Story-wise, we get the "end of the world" thing, but nothing much comes out of it. Who is Sam? Are these hallucinations he has form his past? Are they what he hopes for? Not much is said about it. (though i admit i only watched the good ending, being too lazy to play the game again)

But I guess I had too much expectations for a flash game. I never made one myself, but i guess it takes a lot of work to have this game. Good game, maybe an even better sequel? :p

i got up to day 18, it wasn't too hard, running around the first 2 areas, i actually figured out how to move from place to place without any light, i had plenty of food and nothing to spend the "night" on except feeding the fire over and over. i lost because everything just went pitch dark when i was like 3 areas away, with no oil. I'm not sure how far i got or even if i moved at all, but i had fun. Really good in terms of originality. I got ending #1 and #4, too lazy to try to get the rest. Kinda wish i knew everything that affected the endings, as well as seeing the other 2 without having to play to day 13 again.

Placeable responds:


When outside at night there is a chance the darkness will consume the area you are currently in, making it pitch black. Even your lantern is affected! But its okay just quickly open up your inventory and lantern again and you should be fine.

i like the game and i find it intresting but by day 3 i was nearlly peeing my pants it was still fun

this was good, I even jumped a couple of times, sadly, I got a bug where I got stuck in the house, but from outside, It was when I got in the house area and a forest appeared, then I began to walk and the the house appeared again from nowhere aaaaabd I got stuck :P