Reviews for "Snowdrift"

This is a good game, makes you want to keep trying so you can get far. Not sure if anyone else has had this happen but I woke up to answer door and it wouldn't let me. I went back to sleep and it glitched. Time never moves, my stats don't go down, and I can't open my inventory. It ended the game for me. But other than that it's a good game.

Placeable responds:

Yep seems to be a known bug that sometimes happen. I myself have never encountered this. That's why developers have beta testing. Silly me, my bad :(

It has to do with my timing code which, for some reason, doesn't work as it should at some times. One should be careful when playing with timers, they are system dependant. I will try a different approach on the sequel. Sorry for the inconvenience.

a good game actually i like this game kinda feel like bear grills meets d nightmare lol but whenever i press new game again it stock.. like sam and a tree

Thank you so much! I've been craving for something scary, and this happened to fill my appetite xD, I was so scared to sleep in the game that i decided to stay outside the house to avoid seeing things ... though i had to sleep anyway because i became fatigued >. > but very nice! Although many people say that they prefer guidance to what they should do, I felt that this seemed more original, and more real life wise where you can actually feel like you're the main character and that made me love this game more ... It's fun to replay it a while because since you have the freedom to do whatever you want (camp in the woods - bad idea ..., open the door, keep on sleeping, and worry what to do if you're being watched) ... sorry if i spoiled anything, i tried not too, but because of this, it gave me so many ideas on what else i can do, such as should i give in to this, even though i know I'd probably get killed, or should I take the chance to go outside and hunt some rabbits. Overall, this was a very fun game for me personally, and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes scary stories, especially people who enjoy Creepypasta (a site with many scary stories). So thank you very much Placeable for this wonderful game which i spent many hours on ( haha i have no life ... sorry) and sorry for such a long (probably pointless) review, but I'll be ready any time you make a new horror game or such, because to me, it was quite a thrilling experience for me :D now if you excuse me ... I'm gonna give this game a few more extra tries xD heheh can't stop

Placeable responds:

Haha, thanks man really glad you enjoyed the game!

while I was asleep, I saw a monster pop up in my dream.

this game is preety good for those who like realism for there gameplay so this is impresive

AWSOME!! I really like my scare jumps!!
Scrary too!!
Pixel art: 5 stars!!
Story: 5 stars!!