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Reviews for "Snowdrift"

Aah god damn it.
I can't get play anymore.
Not when you pop that damn face up when he sleeps.
I thought it was just going to be sprites..

Lots of little bugs here and there, moonwalking was fun. Seems just a little bit underpolished. Too much text in general, some of the dialog seemed repetitive.

That having been said, I still gave you a 5. Here's why:

There was no direction. Or, to be more exact, there was very little direction and you gave it to us in the very beginning of the game. You explained the three bars, what would happen if any of them ran out, and you explained how to refill them. You explained that the lantern had one supply of oil and to use it wisely. And you explained that you had to "survive".

That gave it the proper horror feel. Understanding very little, not knowing if what you're doing is "working", if there is any progress being made... and then noticing that the days are getting shorter...

Knowing that darkness = death, and you don't want to relight the wood too fast because you'll waste it, but you aren't exactly sure if it's pitch-black yet or just very dim and the lighting is off on your monitor... so you look really close... and then you get your face fucked.

You wonder if there is something you're supposed to be "finding" out in the woods, but you don't want to get too many screens away because you know you have limited oil...

A great horror experience.

Reminds me of "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski. 10 years ago I read it, and I still have the occassional nightmare.

dang this scared the bajeezus out of me! At least I made it to day 10. Still don't know how to get good ending.

very weird i know u say survive but there should be a goal i survived to the third day and i got a visitor is there an end or no?

A very nice game indeed, makes you think...And I got the Good ending by opening the door to the stranger every time(Day 9 was the last door knock and the next one I...won't spoil it for you)