Reviews for "Snowdrift"

This is a great game, its scary and requires a certain strategy to survive. I did run into a bug on my game though where i didn't open the door the third time but when i do open the door the 4th time, time freezes and i have to quit the game. I would love to see a sequel that requires more strategy and where the world is opened up more.

At first, I though this game would be easy. Then I starved to death around day 5 or day 6. There is some strategy to staying alive in this game and how to manage your time before the night descends. The game play in minimal, but functional most of the time. The jump scares kind of wear off for a while, but the mysterious hooded character always had me on edge. The isolation was also a bit scarier than any sudden scary face, the thought of dying alone in a cold wasteland just as horrifying as any sudden scary noise. The theme of the game of not living in fear and not completely demonizing humanity was a plus. I'd like to see a sequel to this with more things for the character to do then just to survive. IĆ¢EUTMm also excited to see the story to continue from this gameĆ¢EUTMs ending to see what happens to Sam and the rest of humanity.

this game is great but i keep getting killed on day 2 when its bright ou t and i dont understand why but anyway the game is fun just needs some work like the water is so far away and random jump scares for no reason in the middle of the day

Make a sequel. Yes?

GOD I hate those jump scares & i cant find water like its day time right im just cooking then all of a sudden the screen get all blurry and the sound of a scream comes up i freak out i could not finish the game cause of this reason fix it plz other than that you should let him get water closer like near his house i got lost in the woods cause of that reason ill give you 4.5 cause its a great horror game.