Reviews for "Snowdrift"


I can honestly say it been quite some time since I played a game that sent shivers down my spine. This game is a prime example of what a game in the Horror/Thriller genre should be. The atmosphere is a contant, fearful paranoia, from start to finish, and the survival part of the game just enhances the whole experience.

As mentioned by agentwaff, the lack of a pause button was simply a stroke of pure genius, I think most people do get tempted to press the pause button in these sorts of games due to the "Fear Factor", and it sometimes ruins the experience.

This has well earned it's 5 stars, I'm looking forward to more games from you. :)

(Oh, and advice for people who keep dying on the second day:

On the second night onwards, you might have to put logs in the fireplace during the night, as the fire tends to run out quicker at night. So, make sure have a spare log in your inventory, and keep an eye on the room for darkening areas. Also, make sure it's not your hunger or thirst that's killing you.)

The game is good has the spooky feel it alright. But I was in perfect shape on the 2nd night..but I didn't wake up? Is that it?

This was a great game! but i kept dying on the second day... man this is scary

I never felt such constant tension, fear of the darkness and guilt in a flash game for a while. Not having a pause button/option was simply genius, the deprivation of a "happy place" enhanced the overall experience, really had me immersed into the game, from the start up the 15th day (in which in my first run, Sam was consumed by the darkness. Died.)

There was one bug; if you use the lantern (happened by accident) inside the lodge, the screen turns to the outside of the lodge and you can't see Sam and cannot move.

Yes. I am looking forward for more interesting games from you. Surprise us. Thank you and Cheers.

P.S. - Awesome game... but will not play it for a while. This sh*t is really SCARY.

Very cool, love the old 24 bit style graphics it reminds me of Chrono Trigger lol. Anyway I really enjoyed it got the good ending 4/5