Reviews for "Snowdrift"

This was good... I thought this was impossible but this is my result:

Ending number: 1 (Good ending)
Days: 8

I will give 5/5 'cause I survived.

Guys the creepy face that pops up when you sleep and there's no light,that is Jeff The Killer'a face,don't believe me go to google and type jeff the killer,don't know who he is go to creepypasta jeff the killer.And when you hear the window open that's when he comes and theres a song I like to sing when he comes,ahme HE CLIMBING IN YOUR WINDOWS SNATCHING YOUR PEOPLE UP SO YOU BETTER HIDE YOUR KIDS HIDE YOUR WIFE(X3) AND HIDE YOUR HUSBANDS CUZ HE RAPIN EVERBODY OUT THERE YOU DON'T HAVE TO COME AND COMPHES WE LOOKING FOR YOU WE GONE FIND YOU (X2)SO YOU COULD RUN AND TELL THAT (X3) HOME HOME HOME HOME BOY song:bed intruder song(JEFF DOESN'T REALLY RAPE YOU HE KILLS YOU)

I like the concept of this interactive SIM, the movement was a bit slow ( I noticed that the timer speeds up as the character moves ) and there were a few typos but otherwise a great game, thank you!

@geckonator your fire probably went out, and the darkness killed you.
anyways, great game dude, it was creepy all the way through.

Nice game man, that girl in the forest scared me, i was like WTF! i expected an exorcist scene, but i died of hunger :( anyways, great game man. 5/5