Reviews for "Snowdrift"

Loved this game. It was very suspenseful, a little long, but that added to the creepiness of it, wondering if the next day would turn out to be bad. I absolutely hated the screamers at night and I couldn't look at the screen when Sam was sleeping. The voices and the flashes of the green scenery and the girl and the hooded fellow were very effective for keeping you on your toes. I had seen the Neutral and Good endings before so I tried for the bad ending and succeeded. Wonderful concept. Anyone have any ideas on what the darkness could represent?

yeah , this game is great , and i had the good endling :D

This game is awesome!
I had a hard time trying not to die from starvation but made it to the end :)

This is a great survival-horror game. My only problem with the game was a bug that I kept getting on and off where I couldn't move my character unless I had my inventory open.

Awesome game, but it really needs a way to drop some items, I sat there one or twice running by a rabbit with too much wood in my inventory so I had to pass it up, but doing so might make the game easier so I'm not too sure if it should be there.

To the people who are having troubles surviving, feed your fire when you wake up and about 3 times before you settle in for the night making sure you have 2 on you in-case the fire goes too dim during the night.
Try to grab a drink from the pond nearest to the house at around 14:00-15:00 that should keep you from really needing to use your water bottle until around 3:00 and 4:00, or until you wake up killing the need to rush for water.
Always walk around the forest looking for hares, and get preferably 2 steaks on you at all times, it can last you about 3-5 days if you are seeking bushes in the forest and eating the cherrys/apples as soon as you pick them to keep your hunger bar up.
You WILL die if you stand in a dark spot too long, you will most likely die if you sit in a dark spot and you start hearing a heart beat, that should tell you GET AWAY from the darkness before you die.

I hope all that information helps people who have a hard time surviving.