Reviews for "Snowdrift"


Good job man! This game is by FAR the best game this month,Since i can't download other games.But first i have a story about the game and myself.First i went to my big backyard and loaded up the game,I started to play it through Day 1-Day 10.When i got to 10th level it was 12:23 and i couldn't see shit! And thats when i started to hear noises.At first they were low but then they got louder and then it stoppped......And i heard footsteps,And then voices telling me i am going to die and to hide fast,So i got really fuckin scared and when i was about to close my laptop i saw sam standing still looking at me all sad and then he died and i closed all the programs and then out of now where my instincts told me to hide so i closed my laptops slammed it to this hole in the ground,And i ran away to climb this big tree and stay quiet and then everything came silent and look my backyard is REALLY big with lots of trees and grass and i'm at the mountains right now and it gets really foggy so it was colddddddddd.Anyway while i was up in the tree fatigue hit me and i SWEAR TO GOD something knocked me off the tree and since it was tall and i hit myself doing a belly flop i couldn't breath and i was about to give up(Going to sleep since i cant stay awake any longer i heard someone laughing quietly and saying ''Don't worry,I'll Take good care of you......Anyway i woke up in my back yard but instead near my lap top with a note on my screen saying ''Next time,It won't be the same...And thats why i rate ur game five stars and im sorry for the bad grammer i would love to hear what you have to say Placeable.

Fantastic job. A fairly simple game with an excellent atmosphere. You did a very good job adding all these little things which support the feeling of solitude and fear. You chose well to select a winter landscape as the environment and also make great use of a variety of creepy sound effects to make it all the more eerie.

To give some examples: I like the hallucination of his daughter, the 'voices' he hears at night and the inexplicable loud sound that wakes him up at night from time to time. It always tempts me to go outside for a moment to see where it's coming from. Also, by having the cloaked figure appear in the cabin as Sam sleeps you do a good job of implying there are things (!) watching him at night.

I do have some small criticism though. You might want to visualize 'them' differently. I don't mean the cloaked figure, but the weird 'blobs' I sometimes see. The first time I saw one I thought it was a strange glitch in the game.

The other point is the screamers at night. I think I get what you´re going for and, granted, it is effective, but I´m not sure if it really fits with the rest. I´m not saying it shouldn´t be there at all, but you might want to give it another thought and tweak the pictures and sound effects a little.

At the very least I´d take out the pictures with blood/gore or of mutilated faces out. I don't think they really work with this kind of game and whilst it's good to reinforce the sense that you're being watched at night, but the bloody/gory pictures detract from that.

Overall, a very good game with a nice, creepy atmosphere. I am looking forward to part 2!

I love this.. Please don't make multiplayer. please don't.
This game is amazing enough as it is, and the atmosphere is a big part of this games flavor. solitude sends chills of dopameine down my spine. and haveing a bunch of huligans running around, shouting, drawing penises on everything... like all things in life, swarms people will ruin will ruin your art given the chance.

Placeable responds:

Heh yeah I hear you :)

However the current prototype for the multiplayer works really well and communication is extremely limited in a very unique way. The feeling will still be there, believe me :)

And the multiplayer is not a Snowdrift sequel but its own Survival Horror game. Snowdrift 2 will be single player.

one thing ......... MULTIPLAYER MODE PLEASE :D

Placeable responds:

Oh its happening!