Reviews for "Snowdrift"

I"m not a big horror fan but I love this game! I saw it show up a while back and here I am almost a year later playing it and loving every minute of it! My only problems with it were the map only went to the left and didn't stretch out to the top, bottom, or right. Not a huge problem. Thanks for making this game!

I died not long after just playing this but Trying a second time. This was really scary and really cool!

To be short i Love this game. Of course there are so much room for improvements (technical and creepy parts) so well... i like to see a sequel bro ^^

This game is scary as hell! I like it!

the game is almost perfect, it is not just scary, but also tense (will i make it home before night? will i find food?). what bothered me was the size of the map, its just way too small, it feels like you just bothered to make the map to the left, but not the part that goes to the right, up or down, that feel of exploration would be a good thing (it would also be easier to get lost, wich is a good thing for the spooky part). Lastly, both neutral and bad endings are "ending No.2".