Reviews for "Snowdrift"

holy shit what a boring game, spamming z through the intro wasnt the worst part either

yery good game and yery ward one thing i dont liked is oil here can find oil because imediatly im ovar i cant move night and something to food because do im eat all only reaming is apple bunny and fruct
except that the game is yery good keep a good job

I must say this game was very interesting and all round not to bad but it did get buggy for me sometimes causing me to refresh the page and everything but anyways thank you for the game and i hope to see a sequel ^-^ i lasted 13 days and got the good ending!

VERY interesting! I look forward to more!

The only thing I would change is A) adding a pause button; I've had to pee for the last 3 hours, and b) give a way to skip the opening text.

I really enjoyed this game. The story was so good I played it 3 times to see all the endings. I loved the survival aspect of the game. Having only enough resources to survive one night at a time kept it interesting, especially as the days became shorter. What impressed me the most were the small details, all the little things such as the weather, the lighting, the different clothes, the sound effects like yawning, coughing, stomach rumbling and the random atmospheric sounds.
I found some bugs in the game. When walking out of a room you go off the screen if you are not facing the exit, for example if you try to go to the right of the room with the pond by walking diagonally to the bottom-right while facing down. Opening the inventory while exiting a room makes you unable to move with the inventory closed, but this can be easily fixed by walking out of the room with the inventory open and closing it as it changes room. Pressing Z when you get a message like "You can't carry any more items!" while standing next to a bush/pond/lumber station will cause you to interact with it again and you'll have to select leave, wasting some precious time. Instead you can walk away when you get the message and press Z later.
I also found some exploits. When you go to sleep/wake up, the minutes on the clock reset to 00 so if you sleep for less than 1 hour you can go up to 59 minutes back in time . This is just enough time to run to the lumber station and get 1 or 2 wooden logs (maybe 3 if you're really fast) and run back to bed, allowing you to get infinite wood without wasting any time. This is pretty useless though since you can get wood safely at any time. A more useful trick is to go to a place where you know you can find animals and if you don't find any, exit the room, enter the room, and repeat until you find one. This also works in many other videogames.
Overall I think this a very good game even though it has a few problems. I am looking forward to a sequel if you choose to make one.
P.S. Screamers are more annoying than scary and they are not an essential part of a horror game.