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Reviews for "Snowdrift"

On day 4(?) the game stopped at exactly 17:00. I could not open the inventory and resting did not restore my stamina and the clock was set at 17:00. In other terms: the game was fucked. Anyway I will give it another try soon, great atmosphere.

I'm afraid that after five or so times of movement completely and randomly disabling itself with only a page refresh able to fix it I just gave up :C Great concept, fabulous ideas, and the execution seems flawless in portraying the horrors behind this, I'm just sad to say I was bested entirely by a single glitch. It would happen for things like the night to day turnover, exiting a map screen and entering a new one, just about any transition event really. It doesn't help that at one point I somehow managed to walk Sam right into a wall and couldn't get him out again. Maybe I just fail extra hard at this game. I'm going to go cry in a corner and lament that I can't finish because of the lacking movement controls and such :'|

Iiiii guess its time for you to hate me again. lets begin now hand me the pin. how should i begin it and where does it all end?

pretty accurate. if only the meters didn't empty so quickly. this game is glitching though and I don't know why. it plays fine for a minute, then all of a sudden, my controls end up laggy

Geez man, your thought process is so unique, how in the world did you make something this amazing, with old 2d graphics? If this was a 3d game for the ps3 i'm sure I would have had a heart attack! The ending was perfect! I felt everthing Sam was feeling! Shoot for the stars, because you will make it big! Congrats once again!!!