Reviews for "Snowdrift"

I'm afraid that after five or so times of movement completely and randomly disabling itself with only a page refresh able to fix it I just gave up :C Great concept, fabulous ideas, and the execution seems flawless in portraying the horrors behind this, I'm just sad to say I was bested entirely by a single glitch. It would happen for things like the night to day turnover, exiting a map screen and entering a new one, just about any transition event really. It doesn't help that at one point I somehow managed to walk Sam right into a wall and couldn't get him out again. Maybe I just fail extra hard at this game. I'm going to go cry in a corner and lament that I can't finish because of the lacking movement controls and such :'|

Iiiii guess its time for you to hate me again. lets begin now hand me the pin. how should i begin it and where does it all end?

pretty accurate. if only the meters didn't empty so quickly. this game is glitching though and I don't know why. it plays fine for a minute, then all of a sudden, my controls end up laggy

Geez man, your thought process is so unique, how in the world did you make something this amazing, with old 2d graphics? If this was a 3d game for the ps3 i'm sure I would have had a heart attack! The ending was perfect! I felt everthing Sam was feeling! Shoot for the stars, because you will make it big! Congrats once again!!!

It's a really cool idea, one that I have a special love for because I've had a similar-ish concept in mind for ages but never had a good way to make it happen. But I had a LOT of problems, particularly with the choice of graphics (You can only use an oil lantern but you have torches on the doors and candles everywhere and they never go out; the house is huge and full of shelves but you can't store anything, it's a constant blizzard but you have to go to a somehow-un-frozen pond instead of just melting snow for water?)

I also seem to have run into some fatal glitches; things where the clock would stop running or I stopped being able to move, and I know it says that you can't get an ending until someone knocks on your door three times but I managed to survive for 32 days, but nobody ever came!

Long story short: cool idea, but buggy as hell