Reviews for "Snowdrift"

there were some miss spellings and it made it too laughable to be scary. lol

the game is an good terror game,but i dont understand the story of the game.good he escape of the darkness,yeah? but why he see corpses,an girl?

So, a very good game all and all except a few minor details. Like many said, the ambience created by the audio is awesome and very impressive,good job on that. The graphics are good too. However...Ugh,screamers...It's too bad you decided to include a bit too much of these,it feels like a cheap trick along all the good elements that raise tension. Also, is it normal that at times when i roam around the night with my latern on and halfway full of oil the screen at times just turn black and boom,random game over? It kinda spoils the game progression,but that might be just me. All and all,good but unfair. Maybe a sequel?

Well, first of all I loved the game, it was scary as hell. I didn't run into bugs neither. I only have two mayor problems: first of all the images popping up while Sam is sleeping are scary the first time, but after that they are just annoying. Also if you ever use x and y for doing anything, you should make it configurable. Its a pain in the @ss playing this game on a qwertz keyboard.

I Loved this game, instant +Fav. I'd love to see a sequel. The only thing that bothered me though, was the random scary images that appeared when the guy was sleeping. It was a very cheap way to scare the gamer, you could have used other elements of the game to make it scarier, or at least made the images had a reason, like, "i did this, so the image poped out". You could also made the images pixelated, so they could fit in the atmosphere of the game, because they feel out of place and without reason.

Overall, excellent game, loved it 5/5. =) Thank you for doing it.