Reviews for "Snowdrift"

Nice game. It does have that creepy feeling that there's someone watching me sleep, but the screamers aren't that scary. I was practically waiting for them, plus you can scroll down to avoid seeing them. The game isn't scary when you're playing with two people, but as I am alone it is very hard to play without getting weirded out, particularly when random people start screaming at me for no particular reason. I did like that little girl that appeared randomly and called me Daddy. I don't care if she was a ghost or not, I still wanted to take her home with me :-)


Nice, y did i hav good headphones onT-T? reminds me of the shining a little.

I really like the idea of it, just needs some work on the graphics :)

i love this game its the best one so far!!!! But the fire should have a timer or show a timer so you can tell to but wood on it or not... Also you need a bigger bag and maybe a fishing pole to fish other than that i love this game... and hope you make more just like this...

awsome game scary as hell i always get lost in the woods !!!!!!! -_- :)