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Reviews for "Gears And Chains Spin It"

A very interesting game. Easy in the beginning but its gets interesting after a few minutes. Not so easy but worth the try. Try it. You will not regret it.I loved it.

Interesting and original :)

When I look at those gears I think of an entertainment troop dancing for my amusement, no I am not high I just like imaging things like that and watching those gears spin is so hypnotic it's almost as if I'm in a self-induced trance that can't get rid of, but the music sounds a bit eerie and dreadful, it's just a game lighten up you and you didn't to make the music repeat itself it's kinda irritating and repetitive. This will not hurt your rating though, good job! Tip: try memorizing the pattern in which the gears are, that might help.

It gets complicated, but that just makes it more satisfying when you solve it.

Awesome game, I really enjoyed it. It's simply yet very fun :)

Also, one thing I noticed is that the cursor can be seen OUTSIDE of the Flash stage, how did you do that o.O?