Reviews for "Gears And Chains Spin It"

Awesome game, I really enjoyed it. It's simply yet very fun :)

Also, one thing I noticed is that the cursor can be seen OUTSIDE of the Flash stage, how did you do that o.O?

Entertaining, with a lot of levels and nice difficulty curve. I liked it.

Excellent game. Need any art done let me know, Would love to help out on the next one.

It gets complicated, but that just makes it more satisfying when you solve it.

When I look at those gears I think of an entertainment troop dancing for my amusement, no I am not high I just like imaging things like that and watching those gears spin is so hypnotic it's almost as if I'm in a self-induced trance that can't get rid of, but the music sounds a bit eerie and dreadful, it's just a game lighten up you and you didn't to make the music repeat itself it's kinda irritating and repetitive. This will not hurt your rating though, good job! Tip: try memorizing the pattern in which the gears are, that might help.