Reviews for "Faithful farmer"

I really like it I always wanted to play a rhythm game special whit ponys :P Well Anywasy it feels like its a little bit of in the rhythm or maybe i´m just bad because every time i come to the jab part I miss most of the time. Feels a little bit after or maybe thats how it meant to be i don´t know :V But anyways still a great game.

The response timing is all off.

I've played Rhythm Heaven and I'm very good at it.

Something about the programing makes 'timing' off.

A quick fixing up and it should be fine again.

Because you've made the first attempt to making the Flash Game series of the famous Rhythm Pony games from Youtube.

I can't wait till other versions are soon in game-form.

Looking forward to "Foal in One" and "See-Saw"

I may love ponies to death, but this game seems like it wasn't properly tested before it was uploaded.

Not only is the tutorial music not looping correctly, but the game goes out of sync with the music rather easily. Sometimes, it desyncs right at the beginning, completely shifting the timing around, and other times, it'll slowly desync itself as the game progresses.

Frankly, this game seems like it was done in a rushed fashion. The music doesn't even sound like it was done with cues, either. It sounds like it's just a single, continuous track. That kind of thing may work alright on a console, but for a Flash rhythm game, it's not going to be of any use.

Mihasik responds:

That's true, It's my first experience in making rhythm games and I screwed a lot. I synchronized music and video, try now

It is insanely difficult for anyone who hasn't played rhythm heaven or any rhythm game period. Also the game doesn't work on Chrome, at least the kick buttons, it worked fine in IE though. It definitely could use improvement, like a scrolling thing that tells you when a hit is coming like in Guitar Hero. Better luck on your next game.

Mihasik responds:

I'd prefer not to add scrolls to keep it as close to rhythm heaven parody as possible.
Please try now whether it works on chrome

i like the Derpy loading screen.