Reviews for "Faithful farmer"

Brilliant game, beautiful art,
Only thing was - the timing always seems a little off-beat...Not sure if that's a Rhythm thing or not...

I give it 3 star only because the sync between the cue and the execute when the button is press is lacking precision.

The includes the Tutorial in the beginning, the game is beatable yes but it have a few important issue that can ruin the game a bit.

I read the warning too about the game derping on poor performance on the game, switch is why I tried this with a Window 7 & Mac (both alot better then my laptop now).

It up to you if you want to tweak the game a but or leave it as is

i suck at this badly but its a good game the Rhythm is pretty good it takes a bit to catch on 4.5

bbbbbyu i dont think u get to rate 5 stars if u just like the show you have to rate it if u like the game
the game was fun and great just cant the timing right

it wus bad and annoying but i love mlp [just look at profile]