Reviews for "Faithful farmer"

a litte hard but addicting

I like the concept of them game, but there are only a few things that bug me.

The time to hit the bad is WAY too short, you have to hit it ON THE DOT, or not at all.

What I would recommend if you were to re-make the game, or at least edit it a bit, is to either make this time box a little bit bigger, or add a guitar-hero esq. like timed hit box, so you can tell what is going to come up when, and when to hit it.

Other than that, it is a very nicely made game that I think a lot of bronies and non with enjoy for a while.

Mihasik responds:

Did you ever play the original rhythm heaven? =)
But your are right of course, I'll think what I can do about it

The difficulty of the song is downright absurd.

The notes need a bigger interval for the timing.

too hard

I'm BattyBovine and I approve this message.