Reviews for "Faithful farmer"

omg I love apple jack thank you for making this

Mihasik responds:

Thank you!

This was generally very poor.

For starters, Practice in general was glitched. It was hard to tell when the timing was supposed to be (especially when the visual indicator disappeared after the first success, even if that success was a fluke), the music doesn't loop correctly (and sometimes doesn't play at all), and the practice for some reason feels harder than the actual game. Possibly because the music keeps skipping and makes it hard to feel the beat.

But other than that, it just felt like the Space Bar didn't work a lot of the time. I don't mean like I was just getting a lot of bad hits and I was blaming the game. Whenever I tried to hit the Go! Go! Go!, more often than not the game would only register two of my inputs. Even if my inputs are wrong, the game would still show them if they were actually detecting them. Similarly, whenever I tried to hit the 1-2!, the second input was usually delayed, and getting an actual successful input was based purely on luck.

There were also a few minor graphical things but those would just be nitpickery (like wondering why "neighbor" is split onto two lines when you had enough space for it on the next line).

As a whole it felt like you didn't test this game enough to make sure it felt like an actual Rhythm Heaven game, and I feel that it's partially because the Space Bar just isn't as responsive as a Wiimote or a touch screen. Adventure Time's Rhythm Heaven game parody used X and C instead (or was it Z and C...) but still, those buttons are a lot more responsive than the Space Bar, so try that instead.

Mihasik responds:

Thank you for the review, I'll see whether it can be fixed.
Actually I had a hard time synchronizing music and script, no matter what I tried. I guess it's my lack of experience, that and flash is probably not the best platform for this kind of thing.
Neigh-bour I made on purpose


fluttershy is way better

wtf is this the game is missing a point i was hopping for some pony slaystation