Reviews for "Ocean Call"

I really like it, not too hard, but not too easy.

I gave this a 3 star rating when I played it first, but I really appreciate the bit on keeping our environment clean. Nice work.

hehe this game was about doing something illegal.
and yes for those of you who don't know it is illegal to help baby turtles reach the ocean, it messes up the ecosystem by not letting the seagulls eat and putting too many turtles into the ocean.

cute but kinda boring oh and lol vvvvvvv n00b

first off a bland game that desevres no praise what so ever the whole thing doesnt make sense. half of this stuff is just plain imaginay workings of how you could do it if you could do it, instead of how you would do it in real life. secondly its illeagal. you fail so hard this game is both sad and crappy. seagul doesnt get a meal and an other retarded turtle expects things to be handed to him. and the games glitched on me.