Reviews for "Intruder Combat Training"

dis is da shit right here

We really need multi-player. :( 5 Stars if you agreed 'cus This... This "Awesome" game really needs multi-player hope you can add it :D Thnx...

I love how I get so many headshots. c;
The game is so addicting. I hope you make another much better version of this. I'm not sayiing that this version is not good. But, I want to see a better one. Like, with more guns and places. That would be nice. ^~^

the game is great it looks awesome and would help to make multiplayer with real people and not bots and it would be great if there were more ways to cause DESTRUCTION like if you have a laser cannon you can blow up a whole city and it would be great if you added more weapons like the ones in the xionic madness series (WHICH IS EPIC) and it would be great if the game was faster so we can cause destruction without the lag and it would be great if you made sequels to this one and i hope if you do it would be more EPIC and you could different kinds of enemies by the way your game dude is pretty much EPIC! and it would be great if you added melee moves and powers and melee weapons and new abilities like super strength or super speed (P.S. your great at making games bro :) keep it up and maybe one day you would be a game creator and become rich your games are EPIC:) )

i love this game!!!!!!!!!!!5 stars