Reviews for "Intruder Combat Training"

Love it, Its basically just a 2d fast paced shooters (Like CoD, which I hate.) but some reason it is just more fun, and addicting. The customization brings a new aspect on how you want to approach this flash game, but there are some parts that weren't very good. And I don't think I was the only one who tried this, but you couldn't throw grenades DOWN a ladder shaft, so it would just stay at the surface of the ladder. But overall this gets my 5.

you really kicked ass on this, the physics and damage effects are nuts.

= COUNTER TERRORIST WIN! This would of been awesome online..

Great Game, I love it! :D!

I love gun games. And thought this had more realistic physics. I kind of thought it was like a game like Raze, except its more detailed! All I can say is really well done!