Reviews for "Intruder Combat Training"

maybe no one has the slightest idea what I'm going to say or maybe find it interesting, anyway.
I think it's really stupid but the game's author could even do a '' Prop Hunt '' mode in the game ... ok ok this is bizarre but from where I got this idea, I realized (since I started playing this wonderful game) that there are several random things scattered across the map from metal brass, cardboard boxes, crate baskets to some small objects like gasoline cans, and fire extinguishers that can save you after it fires a shot in the direction of your head, but well the creator could take advantage of these objects to make a Prop Hunt mode with perhaps AI or Multiplayer Local or Server. just a beast suggestion that everyone will react '' WTF '' or '' ROFL ''
thanks to you who reacted '' Happy '' as support xD

The physics and gritty style is really great. It reminds me of Simon Hason design. Great game, definitely worth playing. However the game becomes repetitive after a while, but other than that, it's awesome.

I really love this game, but it has some flaws
Like for example, the spawns positions...
I can kill...lets say Gibson, and after around 4-5 seconds he respawns, but right behind/infront of me, giving me little to no time to react, and plus the spawn protect, to die instantly, and in more than one map (Warehouse, Vacant, Bridge and Train respectively)
And most of the time it's quite frustrating
On the other hand, The Shotguns are a little bit overpowered, Other than that it's an amazing game

reminds me of raze or strike force heroes. Considering how much time I've put into those 2, this is pretty similar, and for me that's a good thing

how to get two secret medals ?