Reviews for "Picross Fever 3D"

Really quite good. My only complaint is that the sound of a block being destroyed is fairly sharp. othe than that, great game.

tempalabs responds:

I see your point. Let me see what I can do to change that :)

It was good but a bita too easy and since I didn't have a mouse I could of used in the game it was a bit hard to click on the things.

Not bad !

Needs a restart button though, and Oni-James is right, the sound is painful :p

Apart from that, good :)

All tiles need numbers having tiles blank isnt at all how this game works it litteraly makes it impossible or just guessing which isnt a puzzle game also would be nice to have notime limite and also a save block mode for further updates great game though

Nice game, but controlling both moving and removing blocks with mouse doesn't work very well. Also, having instructions somewhere where you could look at them instead of having to shuffle through levels you've already played is necessary. I'm pretty sure that having a circle around a number should mean that it's not removable, but I spotted several cases where this was not true.

tempalabs responds:

Thanks for the input!
Maybe I can add optional control with keyboard to rotate the block.
The circle around the number mean that the amount of irremovable block in that direction not connected/separated.