Reviews for "Justins Mind"

You have made a Terrific game in which the think that I like the best is the story That Is very interesting with it depth & background. I got to say I have really enjoyed this game demo very much enjoyed. I think I may download the full version, but I dunno if this game may show me what it is like for a psychopath or if it would turn me into one? c:

Pretty cool! Call me crazy but parts of this reminded me of the pc game Myst.

If I were to summarize this in just one word it would be presentation. Everything in this is presented so well, my personal favorite aspects being the voice overs and the incredible art all of it culminating in an excellent atmosphere. I refuse to call this a game because nothing about this can really be called a game, or rather, none of this couldn't have been executed as well or even better if it were say a short film. Even you yourself have said and I quote, "The game is more a movie, than a regular game," if that's the case, then why not just make it a movie? Without the stigmata of "game" attached to it, this is extremely well executed, but as a game, it sucks, however I fell in love with the presentation so I can't be too harsh.


I must say as a fan of Doki and the Salad Fingers series, the artwork has that similar feeling where something is not right with the world. The trip through Justin's Mind is interesting, although short, and not in depth as would be liked. There also isn't much here as a "game". I give it three stars for excellent artwork and design, but also for lack of depth and gameplay.

what da fuck 64 mb are you kidding me XD