Reviews for "Rolling Football 2"

I was actually quite impressed with this. It really struck me as impresive with how it was so complicated. You would think a game about just placing stuff in the right place to win in a soccer game would be easy, but it was anything but! The music was also really cool, too. I appreciate the smooth graphics. I don't even know if I'm playing half the levels right or winning by accident.

It's probably the first time I've played a game where you had to put more than one soccer ball in the goal. I appreciate all the fancy colors. It seems like a lot of people had fun with this game. I like its high spirit, even if it's not that rewarding. It's just a good game.

i loved it but lvl 5 is hard as shit - _ -

Great game, it's not too easy but not too hard and also the physics are well done.

Amazing game, I just need a hint for the secret medal... (PM me, plz)

Anyone notice the illuminati eye on the pyramid shape triangle or just me?