Reviews for "SP:Sonic Shorts: Volume 8"

Nice n shitty :) But I had to turn it off after a few episodes because I was in fear for my Adam monitors...you should take at least a little amount of time for (audio-)mastering, so all shorts have the same loudness level and while doing that, you should try to compensate the blasts and overmodulations, at least the ones which are possible to do! It's not a shame for a hobby-animator to be an complete audio-noob, but don't underestimate the 'power' and atmosphere an good audio work is giving your flicks... (I loved the intro song though!)

One BIG tip, VERY easy to reproduce: If you are screaming (and yeah, you have to if it should listen like a scream) between a sentence, stretch the arm in which you are holding the mic as far as possible! Don't bother the volume, this is the easiest part to manipulate afterwards. And yeah, maybe you can hear a little room then (if you have one that produces much resonance), but this is always better then overdriving microphones!

Cheers, MyDear (Audio Professional, if you haven't got it 8-P --- I know, I'm a fuck but I can't help being an smart-arse)

halomademeapc responds:

Thank you very much for your feedback. We will take all of this into account, as we try to put the absolute best quality we can into the Shits.

i give you 2 for the walrus eggman and silvers fuck the fanbase

This short is by far the worst, yes i got some of the jokes but some were pointless, the voice acting and animated was not so great, i hope the next one is as good as volume 7

cmon, you can do better

To me this was a really big disappointment. I mindlessly pressed the animation thinking it was sonic shorts. Im sorry but I just did not like this at all. I wont give no stars because you did warn of this.