Reviews for "SP:Sonic Shorts: Volume 8"

OHHHHHHHHHH! Okay. For a minute there I thought ya'll were serious with it. Basically this is just a big "WILL ALL OF YOU PLEASE GET OFF OUR ASSES ABOUT SONIC SHORTS COLLAB 8." thing. I'm gonna be honest, I was close to the edge, and I was just about to go off and write a "all this time has passed, and this is what you put out" type of review, but I saw the end where it said vol 8 will be out soon. Ya'll take your time on it. I'm pretty sure the real one is gonna take a dump on this.....well....shits collab. I DID however laugh when Rouge was singing Kelis's Milkshake song. I thought that was the best one.

Very clever satire team! Not only do you troll the meta sonic fan base, but make a real world connection to the decreasingly interesting games Team sonic has been making. (Generations is good game, but could be much worse). However, it would have been a better video if you copied off of more pop media, so more people would have groaned at the jokes (Also, too many of the jokes were funny. 4/5 , 4/5) That said, the menu is trippy. Thanks again guys for the interesting time distraction and hope your work is valued by more people. :P Also, good to see you back spermis ;)

halomademeapc responds:

I love you. Give me a hug.

nice funny

I liked the Intro. A lot.


why the fuck i have watch the whole video?