Reviews for "SP:Sonic Shorts: Volume 8"

lol so freaking funny

dude this was made just for shit's a laughs this made just to piss some people of relly i vote five
sonic paradox has not failed me yet I can't wait for what they're going to make from now on
you dont need to be a jerk because you didn't get what you wanted thewax70 said that they could do it so if you hate this you hate the wax

a quarter way through it i figured it wasnt the real one. im not going to vote a 5 for two reasons. One i don't vote the score the video tell me to, second i don't give good scores to bad films. i will however vote a 5 (most likely) on the real one one. till then have a nice life.

I'm ok with this. I really am, I laughed my ass off this.

man this is true a shit! the girls voices are UGLY!! I:(