Reviews for "Seaside Denied"


Brain-Cell Count: -1

WOOHOO! Keep it up guys!
Wax man...
*hands you a chaos emerald*
Say this while holding your tongue...
"Chaos...Gold Purse" Repeat it a few times...

USE IT IN YOUR NEXT COLLAB!...Or I'll send the tails doll to your living quarters for a little extra..."play".

5/5 5/5! :D

It's it it ittttt .........it is just to Coollll !!!
it's say that hard work is worthy
and this proof it.
my favory is the " Chao Rap "

great song! i laughed when shadow said chaos control and then it was wrong he got choas swiss roll ha ha funny sing by the way 100/5

I absolutely love this song! It gets stuck in my head for hours, I also like singing along to it even tho I cant sing