Reviews for "ROBUT FIGHT"

Hilarious and practical. Nicely done.


wow. these guys get angry like this for a chess battle ?

The writing and set up were really good. This was just too funny. The robot designs were nice and simple which really should have let you do more animating instead of what you had.

Funny, at first. The chess game was kind of an interesting twist. The ending however was just a little too "all over the place", un-focused, for a lack of better terms... Like towards the end, there's a "Don't try it Anakin... I have the higher ground!" moment, from Star Wars Ep.3, and before that there's almost a '300' "feel" to the end of the battle, with the shield and whip and towering adversary. Then, at the very end, the c@#k blast was kind of a DBZ rip-off in the fashion of the Ka-meha-meha, rather or not it was intentional, I don't know; as of yet though, I doubt it. If you would have lead up to the dirty humor at the end, and maybe not cut the video quite so short, I could have seen a possible four, maybe four and-a-half. All in all, good, but not great.

(Does he throw a temper tantrum like this every time he loses at chess?) Jerry, if he cheated, then he didn't really win, anyway. What's the sense in blowing him up? Learn to control your anger, Jerry. Learn. *BOOM* Um. Guess it doesn't matter now.

You lost a star and a half because of the stupid bit at the end. Not my taste in jokes.