Reviews for "ROBUT FIGHT"

Four and a half.

You get four and a half purely because you blindsided everyone with that joke at the end.

They'll never see it coming...


Really awesome,in the beggining i was like "O_O how can robot piss?!" and close to the end i was like "hehe,i get it".

Chess is death, victory brings life!

i think if i where a finatical robo tyrant this is how we would chess battle. (ofcorse i wouldnt get killed by sperm bombs.


wow. these guys get angry like this for a chess battle ?

(Does he throw a temper tantrum like this every time he loses at chess?) Jerry, if he cheated, then he didn't really win, anyway. What's the sense in blowing him up? Learn to control your anger, Jerry. Learn. *BOOM* Um. Guess it doesn't matter now.

You lost a star and a half because of the stupid bit at the end. Not my taste in jokes.