Reviews for "ROBUT FIGHT"

Hilarious and practical. Nicely done.

at first i thought it was cool then they transformed and i was like ugh then he was like all cocked and loaded and i peed ma self


Funny, at first. The chess game was kind of an interesting twist. The ending however was just a little too "all over the place", un-focused, for a lack of better terms... Like towards the end, there's a "Don't try it Anakin... I have the higher ground!" moment, from Star Wars Ep.3, and before that there's almost a '300' "feel" to the end of the battle, with the shield and whip and towering adversary. Then, at the very end, the c@#k blast was kind of a DBZ rip-off in the fashion of the Ka-meha-meha, rather or not it was intentional, I don't know; as of yet though, I doubt it. If you would have lead up to the dirty humor at the end, and maybe not cut the video quite so short, I could have seen a possible four, maybe four and-a-half. All in all, good, but not great.

i didn't give you all the stars "beacuase" (lol) the penis cannon was kinda gross and the transitions were slow but the rest of it was decent.