Reviews for "Death & Elsie: Part 1"

This is without a doubt one of the best flashes I have ever seen.I believe everyone has basic good and bad in them,but I was still pleasantly surprised to see that even applies to the Angel of Death.You have to love Elsie's innocence and tenderness even when faced with death,and I have a feeling it has nothing to do with the fact she's a child.The overall artwork and animation is uncomparable.The story is just enthralling and the narration is perfect.I know I'm probably doing nothing more than gushing over a cartoon,but why not?I'm always more than happy to when it comes to animated genius such as this.

Such beautiful story-telling!! Well done!!

This is the first.

The first one of my mission.

My mission is to gain knowledge of superior animation. Up until now I've only been to the comedy section of the videos on Newgrounds. Why? Because since, primarily but not finitely, the only kind of movies I like are comedies [comedies of all kinds be it horror comedies, dark comedies, silly, stupid comedies, or just simple comedies].

When I clicked on the drama portal I was very hesitant. I was hesitant because I typically hate dramas, although admittedly, I hate drama movies because they overplay human emotion and they dramatize situations that are normal. So, needless to say, I felt that flash drama would be quite similar. I now have a different perspective.

I LOVED and will favorite this work.

Now for my review. In my mission to find great animation [outside of flash GAMES] I have certainly found it. This is probably the best flash animation I've EVER seen and I've been a flash FANATIC for eleven years [think... I've been enjoying flash animation for probably over half of most people's lives that will read this and, in four years, this will be half of mine. Those of you good at problem solving will know my current age. I'd like to see responses].

The animation goes so far in my book that I rated this high however, there are a few things I'd like to point out with the plot. Death has no heart according to folklore. I realize many things with that statement: 1 would be the fact that you're the artist so death could be a pink buffalo if you willed it to be so folklore isn't relevant... maybe according to you. My response to that would be that I'M the viewer and you're the creator thus I have the right to critique according to anything; especially something that is completely tangible. 2 would be that you addressed his apparent lack of heart with the leaf scene. My response to that was the leaf was already dead. A strong enough grip on the leaf could have easily disolved the leave into fine dust. Death is death. The leaf had already felt death's cold embrace. The simple fact that the leaf disolved upon putting the leaf in his overcoat just sped up the process. 3 would be that I find it hard to believe that death would be more sympathetic towards a girl with a terminal illness who [which was never specified] simply either lost their parents or their parents died from the same ailment very recently rather than a girl [or boy] who grew up in the wrong place at the wrong time and is doomed to a very painful, untimely death [think Africa]. The only point I'm trying to make is that the plot should have been placed in a different direction.

If you ask me [which obviously you didn't but I'm the viewer and the REviewer] the beginning plot should have been a lot different. Maybe Death is getting bored; so bored that Death is contemplating a companion. Maybe you should have introduced multiple candidates at Death's obvious 'disposal.' Which would have ended very quickly with deciding otherwise. Then maybe death continues his work unsuspecting that he'll ever find a suitable companion, then stumbles across Elsie. Then you didn't even have to include the heart scenario and made a short scene to show why Death decides Elsie is perfect for the companionship. Then you could have eliminated Death's indecision about taking Elsie's life in the first place. You could have replaced that part with Death attempting to convince Elsie that she would like to be his companion.

I do realize that I'm not the artist, however I'm very creative, and a writer. The biggest reason why I pretty much hate all movies is because I make it a goal to exploit plot holes. Obviously the plot holes in this story are exploitable, however, in my mission to gain knowledge of the best animation, I've found an animation that is worthy of great praise. Considering I have just over 2OO characters left in this review to continue I will abruptly end it without giving my reason to why I rated this submission so high. I leave you with the confidence that you did well. Please message me for further praise.
-- 4.5/5 --

The narration is so beautiful. I like how it isn't drowned out by the soundtrack.

the story seems a little bit similar to Haku and Zabuza in naruto.. if i can remember