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Reviews for "Han Wants His Cookies Re2"

This isn't exactly an improvement, you know.
Although it's slow, it's still tricky to handle it.
If you introduce lag into any game, it doesn't really solve the speed problem.
Quick successive key presses do not register, and another massive problem is that if your length is greater than 2 and you press the opposite direction key, you get killed. There should be a line of program that prevents reverse movement in a snake game.
And is the 160 cookies medal supposed to be a joke or just a 50 cookies medal in disguise, supposed to discourage us from going beyond 35?

But otherwise, you took effort to better your mistakes. And you added a few other medals ,most of which do not register unfortunately, including my 35 cookies medal :-(
Good work so far. Try harder next time.

Needs speed levels and obstacles (difficulty levels)

i really hate the controls in this, but it's still fun to play.

i like the faster one better.

Does not contribute anything new to the most basic versions of snake