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Reviews for "Han Wants His Cookies Re2"

I love all of the music! Great game

Nice enough game, and that's good that you let the player choose from a variety of music. :)
The animations could have been a bit smoother, though.
Good luck with you future projects.

Not a bad game of snake and I do like the ability to chose my song but I can't change it after I've selected one. Dragon Flight fits this game fairly well but I wanted to see what the others were.

The speed was a little much for such a casual game, maybe set up a point system and a difficulty slider that determined the speed so if someone wanted to go for a challenge then they could speed it up to max (and get a multiplier) and have at it or, inversely, slow it down to minimum and just lazily listen to music while Han inches across the screen in little patterns.

Graphics: 3,5/5
Music: 4/5
Gameplay: 4,5/5

Good game, but there's a strange error with the medals. When I unlock the musical cookie medal and seee the icon and refresh the page, their relocked again.