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Reviews for "Han Wants His Cookies Re2"

Not too bad :')

This isn't exactly an improvement, you know.
Although it's slow, it's still tricky to handle it.
If you introduce lag into any game, it doesn't really solve the speed problem.
Quick successive key presses do not register, and another massive problem is that if your length is greater than 2 and you press the opposite direction key, you get killed. There should be a line of program that prevents reverse movement in a snake game.
And is the 160 cookies medal supposed to be a joke or just a 50 cookies medal in disguise, supposed to discourage us from going beyond 35?

But otherwise, you took effort to better your mistakes. And you added a few other medals ,most of which do not register unfortunately, including my 35 cookies medal :-(
Good work so far. Try harder next time.

Not a bad game of snake and I do like the ability to chose my song but I can't change it after I've selected one. Dragon Flight fits this game fairly well but I wanted to see what the others were.

The speed was a little much for such a casual game, maybe set up a point system and a difficulty slider that determined the speed so if someone wanted to go for a challenge then they could speed it up to max (and get a multiplier) and have at it or, inversely, slow it down to minimum and just lazily listen to music while Han inches across the screen in little patterns.

Needs speed levels and obstacles (difficulty levels)

To be honest, I actually liked the faster game. It was significantly harder, yes, but I enjoyed the challenge, even if I will probably never be able to collect all 160 cookies at that speed. The overall game concept is simple and entertaining enough for a few minutes, though I would have appreciated a pause button, a "return to menu" option so I didn't have to continually refresh the game in order to choose different music, and (maybe?) the option to choose whether you want to play at a slow, medium, or fast speed (cover your bases this way - appease those of us who liked the challenge, while giving everyone else a chance to enjoy the game too!)

The addition of music to this one was a nice touch (though why you'd ever want to listen to Binding of Izick Basement for longer than 1 minute, if that, is beyond me). That being said, the music-based medals are currently glitchy: Dark Hollow Moonlight and Doctor Mario (Fever) Remix are not working at all, while "no music", Dragon Flight, and Fight to the Death required repeat plays in order for the medals to be credited. Similarly, Cookie Lord Re2 required me to earn the medal twice before it was credited. The other medals worked fine, though I can't vouch for the 160 cookie one (because I don't have the patience for it right now :) ). If it helps at all, I'm using Firefox.

So: Decent game, fun to play, but there's so much more that could be done with it and the medal glitches need to be corrected.