Reviews for "Flooded Village"

I can't pass the 5th one!

FlappyB responds:

As the tutorial states: Click an empty tile to fill it with sand.

This is a great game.I got all 90 stars and I must say that it was really difficult.I like the sound and is like a mega boom when you flood all the pirates at once in some levels :D.

Got all the medals!

Very cool!

But hard in the 2 world

Pretty cool game!

I thought this was a really cool game! It's great that you have no idea what crazy background is going to pop up next in this. I appreciate all the unique designs. I thought I was supposed to be against the pirates, but I was actually helping them out. I love how there's so much room for you to experiment and so many different ways to play. It works so well as a puzzle game.

It's easy to see why this won Daily Feature. Its only downside is that it is perhaps a bit too simple in design. What works is that everything else about this is so freaking adorable. I love the little sounds and the way the pirates are happy when they have water. I wouldn't have expected flooding to be good for anyone.