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Reviews for "Flooded Village"

its oke, funny animations, good gameplay. it gets a bit boring pretty quick imo.

there were a few things that bothered me very much at more difficult (larger) levels.

You cannot go one step back.. so if I accidently place a wrong block or move a arrow-block by accident I cannot undo this without resetting. very annoying, since in elaborate levels you need to start over again.

again at larger levels, when you introduce the water while plotting the whole level it goes so quickly that you cannot see where it went wrong. e.g. at level 3-5 you need to set up everything before you let the water flow, now when I do I die, but I dont see from what. very annoying.

this sucks, the villagers deserve to drown. plus it makes no sense at all!

FlappyB responds:

well screw you and thanks for the stars!

needs more level pro

FlappyB responds:

See if you can get all 90 stars, then let's talk. ;)

Leuke game hoor! :o

FlappyB responds:

Hartlijke bedankt! :)

Fun! though it did make my head hurt after a while... though i must ask what the purpose of the timer is (perhaps it is a part of the secret medals?)
i have all of the medals except the 3rd secret medal... grrrr >_<
secret medals:
1-drown one of those silly people
2-a creepy doll headed trophy desires that you Rx5
4-flood the final world

keep up the good work!

FlappyB responds:

3-did you actually LIKE the game?