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Reviews for "Flooded Village"

Liked it a lot, decent learning curve - most levels pretty easy to complete, but reasonably challenging to get all three stars. But is it just me, or is the last level bizarrely simple? After having spent a while chasing those elusive third stars on some of the more complicated levels to final unlock it, I was expecting the biggest, hardest level yet... instead got something small and solved it in minutes. Bit disappointing. Still a good game though.

FlappyB responds:

Haha, I assume you are talking about S-6?
Yes, that was not supposed to be the final level at all. 4-6 is supposed to be the final level, and it's pretty difficult. S-6 is there because it did not fit anywhere else. Don't worry, next time the final level will be a real final level!

Finaly beat it, thank for the medal's that easy to get :) Thank you!

Could not stop playing this game until I beat it. I only had to use the walkthrough on one level so I think I did okay. Not even going to try for all the medals, though...I got addicted to the game enough as it was! :) All in all I really liked this game and it was a fun way to kill an afternoon. Hope to see another like it in the not-too-distant future (maybe a sequel with even more levels because that would be awesome). Really great game and you get the biggest of thumb's up from me.

FlappyB responds:

When we are about to release the sequel, we will be posting spoilers and previews on our FB page..

nice game, good artwork with interesting and challenging puzzles! I would like to see a sequal with an extension to this gameplay -more characters with their own sepcial requirements (eg: penguins, crocodiles whatever), more diverse items to influence puzzle play... or perhaps even a totally new themed puzzle game... nice work

FlappyB responds:

Thank you!
Please take a look at the Tunnel Vision medal.
It features a character.. which is not even in the game (yet)?

Nice game!!!
More levels would be nice and what the hell is the last secret medal >_<

FlappyB responds:

Even more levels? There might be more levels in the near future...

As for the secret medals, try these:
complete world 5, press the LIKE button, drown a villager and restart a level 5 times..